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Staying Well & New DreamTech

Remember if someone is sick near you visualize your immune response, maybe as one connected troop of soldiers and they all have linked arms. If you feel symptoms and think you are coming down with an illness, you can use the "Stove App" and ask your body to put it on a back burner and turn it down so low you don't have any symptoms. It runs its course and you have about 1/100th of the symptoms. It also gives your head something to do besides worry.

Lots of new DreamTech are arriving with my exploration into the imaginal. One of my favorite lately is the BUOY. It came in during Gael Rosewoods' dive during the recent Wellsprings of Inspiration training in Austin. The Buoy App is an anchor floating in the place you need it, by remembering it and activating it you can get back there again. Remember to drop a buoy the next time you have a need for a shortcut, or want to remember something important. They are useful and I use the Buoy to find my way without a lot of effort and process. They are immediate.

Another helpful piece of DreamTech is brackets. Whenever I feel myself being pulled "out of flow" or I'm noticing in sensation the pre-movement that I am about to be pulled out of flow, I see in my minds eye a set of giant brackets [ ] floating in space. They are a short cut for tracking 1) noticing what is; 2) asking how that feels in my body; 3) letting go of it. It happens so fast, I don't loose the flow at all, my experience is the brackets are outside of space/time. Try them!

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