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Community Cloth Series

There will be seven quilts in the Community Cloth series. Each one has a panel cut from the cotton blotter used for over a decade underneath the various pieces, including Emilie’s shroud. This series are created to help our Continuum community transition after the passing of our founder, Emilie Conrad. She stated at our last Continuum Teacher meeting in January 2013 that it would take 7 years for this next phase of Continuum to develop. These pieces are made with our beloved community and Emilie in mind and I feel that she is informing them, non-corporally. 



Honoring Community Vision

45” x 254"

mixed media art quilt

Price: Original NFS;

$250 signed prints on fabric 

This piece looks forward and backward through space/time at the individual energies, gifts, and contributions creating Continuum. It supports our gathered vision as we mourn and process the death of our beloved Emilie.  It is dedicated to all those who continue to carry forward and are moved to teach and co-evolve the work of Continuum. In the river of 80+ threads, each continuum teacher (at the time of her death) has a wave and is represented. 

The Second quilt in the Community Series. This cloth holds the energy of a call to action. The name is derived from the tradition of Voudou and means “that which is hidden but always there.” It has also been called the New World cloth and the Shitake Cloth, due to the DreamTech in the piece. 


Cloth used includes; Hand dyed Black Walnut Living Water Spirit Cloth. Commercial cloth from the aboriginal Austrailian artist, W.D. Evans; antique Miao people of western china; an antique kimono; and a quilt block by Lillie Thurman (the artists grandmother) with embellishments. 


Hand painted; Hand dyed; deconstructed silk screen; silk screen; applique; and stitching.

Top Panel- Council of Ancestors

Living Water Spirit Cloth using Indigo

Middle Panel- The base fabric is a cotton sheet that served as the blotter for all the pieces I made for a decade, including Emilie’s shroud. It combines deconstructed silkscreen; silkscreen; hand painting with thickened dye; marbling, applique and quilting.


Bottom panel- Deconstructed silkscreen; resist; discharge; over dying; Shibori on cotton with applique (one piece of applique fabric is made by W. Evans, an aboriginal artist from Australia). 



Sa Nou Pa We

44” x 2.5 yards

Mixed Media Art Quilt


$250 signed eco-prints on 4 types of cloth


Seeding Community 2018

mixed media art quilt

living water spirit cloth; appliqué; silk screen; deconstructed silk screen; African flour paste resist; resist; hand painting; foiling; stencil


$300 signed eco-prints on fabric

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