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The Tensegrity Series

The Tensegrity Series came from a three-year study of connective tissue. About that time, Jean-Claude Guimberteau, a French hand surgeon, made an excellent documentary called, “Strolling Under the Skin.” This coincided with the first conference on Connective Tissue at Harvard. The somatic community and Continuum teachers in particular, were very excited about this, since so much of our focus is about the movement of connective tissue. This series captivated me for a very long time and had over 100 pieces. A few were photographed professionally and are now available as high quality prints. A few originals and many drawings are also available from this series. 


The Essence of Space is Conductivity 2

45" x 180"

deconstructed silk screen with resist on silk


$450 signed prints on chiffon

$550 Rolled Hem no white border


The first Essence of Space is Conductivity was 10 yards long and in the collection of Emilie Conrad. I discovered a preliminary drawing for Essence 1 from 2009 pinned to the wall of my garage in Kentucky, so I decided to make the piece over for the Omega retreat and offer prints. This piece looks lovely printed on cotton. I am inspired by the groundbreaking videos of Dr. Jean-Claude Guimberteau.


Resonance: A Study of Tensegrity in our Connective Tissue

45” x 108"

resist with deconstructed silk screen on silk


$300 prints on silky faille, chiffon, cotton or poly crepe de chine

$350 hemmed with place for hanging rod, no white border showing

The Essence Space is Conductivity (detail)

Name: Tensegrity 2

Image: red1.jpg

Media: Mixed Media Art Cloth on Silk

Price: Original Private Collection

Status: Prints on Silky Faille $250

Tensegrity Laylines Between San Antonio & Santa Fe

45" x 180"

mixed media on Silk

NFS Private Collection

$450 prints available on cotton & chiffon

Tensegrity Series Preliminary Drawings

These drawings were made spontaneously using mixed media as references for art cloth. Each piece was accomplished in the studio combining a Continuum exploration of the connective tissue with drawing and painting using various media. They are influenced by an obscure book called, “The Unobstructed Universe” by Stewart Edward White published in  1940. The are the prelims for numerous art cloth from the Tensegrity Series including a 10 Yard long art cloth from the collection of Emilie Conrad, which vanished after her illness and death. That cloth was called, “The Essence of Space is Conductivity.” 

Prelim 1.   2010

14.5 x 11.25

Mixed Media on Paper



Prelim2- A Study for “The Essence of Space is

Conductivity”.  2010

17 x 24

mixed media on paper


Prelim 3.  2010

20" x 26"

mixed media on paper


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