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Tree Series

Five years ago, I had a dream where a tree being I had known as a child growing up on our Kentucky farm, came to me and transformed into a golden-green man. We were delighted to see one another again, old friends reunited. While his hand was still a branch, he touched my left palm and transmitted the loveliest energy. The dream went on and on, and he told me his name was Tah-Tok. This dream began a 5-year collaboration and working relationship with trees - physical trees as well as DreamTime trees.  

Muunitnoc [center image detail]

44" x 324"

resist with deconstructed silk screen using commercial dye on sheer silk

 Sold $1800 

$450 signed prints 45” x 180"on Chiffon 


45" x 90"

Mixed Media Art Cloth on silk/cotton


$300- signed prints on silky faille, poly crepe de chine, cotton or chiffon

$350- hemmed with no white border showing n$ place for rod

Tah-Tok 2
45" x 90"
African flour paste resist with commercial dyes using deconstructed silk screen
$300-signed prints on cotton, poly crepe de chine, chiffon or silky faille
$350- hemmed with no white border showing and place for hanging rod
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