In January 2017, a Continuum teacher colleague of mine commissioned a jellyfish cloth for her office.  This request coincided with two surgeries I needed to repair my hiatal hernia and esophageal sphincter, which involved cutting my diaphragm. While this piece was in process on the table in my studio, I lay in the hospital unable to swallow. I relearned how to swallow after the surgery and had some very powerful insights about my organs, especially my diaphragm. These cloths evoke the movement of breath and the continuous awareness the experience of breathing invites. Each one is a tribute to the living dynamic process of our bodies. 

Jellyfish Breathing 2017

44” X 75”

dye on silk/cotton

 resist; deconstructed silk screen; painting with thickened dye, stencil

Original $899

$250 signed print on fabric

Giant Squid God’s Babies 2017


resist; deconstructed silk screen; silk screen; hand painting on silk/cotton

Original NFS;

$250 signed prints on fabric

Jellyfish Pod 2017

45"x9 yards

dye on sheer silk

hand painted resist; deconstructed silk screen; painting with thickened dye, stencil

$1800 Original

$450 Signed Prints (5 yards on chiffon) 

School Of Jellyfish 2017

dye on cotton; hand painted; resist; deconstructed silk screen; stencil

$799- Original

$250 signed and numbered print on cotton or chiffon

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