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About Me

Suzanne Wright Crain

Continuum Teacher 



I met the visionary, Emilie Conrad, and Continuum in 1999. I mentored with Emilie Conrad and Susan Harper, co-developer of Continuum, for several years before being authorized to teach in 2004. My work as a painter and textile artist is an expression of collaboration between the living water of our bodies, how it informs the movement we are, and the living water of the earth. In my art work, I combine the movement of the living water of the earth with the Imaginal to create art that expresses the essence of Continuum. My art pieces offer doorways, portals of visual and energetic imaginal interaction.

My classes, private sessions and workshops are designed to help others grow the neurology to work collaboratively with imagination. I am the creator of DreamApps, which are a form of Indigenous Technology in dialogue with body process. I experience and encourage others to experience, the fullness of connection with the larger world imagination. This opens a cooperative relationship with the body- imagination process, and increases engagement with our symbiotic planetary process.



Contact Me

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Suzanne Wright Crain

Private Studio in Woodford County, Kentucky.


(210) 363-3455 


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