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Cosmic Body: Sustainability, Continuum and Creative Process -Year 2- 

September 5, 2021- August 21, 2022

The Cosmic Body is designed to break up habituated patterns to allow us to perceive in new ways, normally below the threshold of awareness. We will hook-up and grow the neurology necessary for creating collaboration with our physiology. Cultivate a sustainable and integrated daily practice of belonging with integrity to the world. Working with the essence of time, space, and motion offers us access to the subtle realm, where we learn to listen deeply and be in dialog with life, including organic technology. Our second year in this inquiry, we will devote ourselves to integration and daily practice, through storytelling and sharing our experiences. 

You're invited to be in relationship with me and other Cosmic Body & Continuum devotees via Zoom, in a twelve-month series, meeting once a month for new material from Suzanne and once a month for supplemental sharing from and within the practice group; Q & A; and to go deeper into the material by practicing the movement exploration/inquiry/focus for that month.

Schedule - Sunday's- September 5-August 7, 2022 - A slow year long immersion and Inquiry

Sundays 11 Am-2 PM Eastern; Generally the first and third Sundays unless noted. 
Suzanne offers September 5; October 3; November 14; December 5; January 2; February 6; March 6; April 3; May 1; June 5; July 3; and August 7. 

Practice group and short participant offering; September 19 (this practice will be peer led) September 19; October 17; November 28; December 19; January 16; February 20; March 20th; April 17; May 15; June 19th; July 17 and August21. 

Space is limited, so email me your intent to participate Schedule subject to adjustment depending on the needs of the group.

Tuition- Plans start at $25 monthly stipend to support the work. Total of $300 for the year long inquiry (12 classes from me and 12 practice sessions). If you are having financial difficulties due to Covid-19, you may register for reduced rate Plan or no charge plan; and you may talk to me if you want to volunteer on the farm or barter. If you have an abundance of funds you may choose to scholarship a student who is unable to pay.

More information on plans and sign up on this page

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Early bird Pay by date for Quantum Body is now April 10th

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