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"Continuum gives us access to an experience that we would not even know we want."

- Anonymous


"I woke one night with all the familiar sensations of the beginning of a sore throat. I was not surprised. People at work were sick. Yet I was disappointed and annoyed, as I always am when I get sick and know I have to go through the usual routine of ache, pain, and discomfort. Homeopathic remedies, vitamins, and salt water rinses. Sleepless nights of tossing and turning. My mind flooded with the usual questions. Will it become a sinus infection? Will it go into my chest? Oh crap. Oh we’ll. here we go.


Except this time I remembered Suzanne’s story about feeling sick and taking a Continuum dive into her body and coming out with no sickness present. So I decided to explore. I went into a Continuum dive into my tissue. Opening, softening, widening.And seeking a presence with that achy throat that was interrupting my sleep. And not with the intention to get rid if it, weed it out, but instead from a place of curiosity.


I understand that germs, bacteria, and viruses are also a part of my universe. That we are all in relationship, in a dance together. And as I heard said in a Continuum workshop, everything is always there. Some things are in the foreground, while everything else is in the background. Nothing is missing.


So this cold germ came in to the foreground, seeking entrance in to relationship with me now.


I used oh’s, ee’s, and theta’s to open and widen the tissue more and asked questions and invited the germ to respond and welcomed its presence and stated a request for it to move on into the background. Just a request. Not a demand. And then I fell back to sleep. When I woke up in the morning, the sore throat was gone. No ache. No rawness in my throat. No evidence that I ever had the beginning of sickness at all. I felt blessed. It seemed like a miracle. To be well in my body with ease. With gentleness. With a peace proscribed to the presence of no war against anything, not even germs."


- A. Ewer, workshop participant


"Suzanne, You gave me such a gift for my birthday, the gift of the universe in me. My first dive, I will never forget. It was a beautiful homecoming. I want to live from my center. Thank you for introducing me to a practice and way of being in my natural cosmic state. Your energy, teaching and love bring me great happiness and joy. Thank you for sharing your gifts/ yourself with me."


- Christen N. San Antonio, TX 4-26-13


"Dear Suzanne, My heart is overflowing with gratitude for your being and the teachings along with healing you have given me. I love the paintings and the Esalen and you energy they bring. On my birthday at Esalen, I saw a school [pod] of dolphins. They wanted to thank you for reminding me about their presence in my life. They kept showing me a dolphin in a heart for you, so here it is. Lots of love to you."


- CN. 6-30-13



"Hi Suzanne, This morning I had 4 kinds of Helpers come in, based on yesterday’s experience: Knitters (to weave support in my abdominal wall), Releasers (for those restricted areas of my chest), Enliveners and Refreshers, for those stagnant areas. Thank you for being such a unique Trailblazer in Mind-Body awareness."


- Dr. L.C., San Antonio, TX

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