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Prints on Cloth now available

“Cherishing Community Vision” Art Quilt 86” X 45” Cotton/ Handmade cloth * NFS (Prints Available)

Inspired by a vision I had during a dive during the January 2014 Continuum teacher meeting, this piece depicts the essence of that experience. In the vision, I was part of the herd crossing a large deep river, some crossed and as the column got closer to the center of the river it turned and began moving with the current downstream. I looked around and saw many of my beloveds, who were riding great steeds like elephants, horses, dragons, some were dolphins and whales and some flew overhead. There was the sense that everyone was empowered and we were in the flow of life. I know at least two others who have described similar visions of our community, in slightly different ways.

Process- Upper Panel- Living Water Spirit Cloth dyed in black walnut then over-dyed with indigo.

Borders are from Living Water Naga cloth.

Middle Panel- An old bed sheet (from my bed) that had lots of good energy, which was used as a blotter for Emilie’s Shroud and holds images from many clothes made over the last decade, including many from Emilie’s lost collection. Some of the processes include, marbling; deconstructed silk screen; silk screen; painting; Applique; and quilting.

Lower Panel- Hand painted resist; over dye; shibori; applique and quilting.

*(with the exception of one aboriginal piece original design, “Australia” by W. Evans distributed by M & S Textiles) in the bottom panel.

I am using a service that takes photographs of my work and prints them on cloth. It is very reasonable, so if you want one let me know the size and I will tell you the cost.

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