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Lighten Up.

While visiting our farm a few weeks ago, I was headed to my friends to help her unload a truck load of junk, when we saw the mail carrier delivering some packages to the front door. He had backed the mail truck up to the front porch, over the walkway and the grass. My friend and I sat beside the road amazed, we couldn't believe his audacity. We couldn't wait to give him a piece of our mind, collectively! Then we noticed how blissfully, ignorantly happy he was. Neither of us could speak. In that moment I felt all my anger dissolve and I realized how he is living in his own reality and how amazing it is that we have the freedom to do this. So we waved and that was the end of it. I keep thinking about that encounter. It's re-framing my world. Every person is precious and sometimes instead of seeing the God in them, I want to improve them. His vehicle wasn't heavy enough to make ruts in the yard and it was so dry there, no harm was done. Finding more tolerance for others beliefs and actions and softening my heart is always helpful. Try it (especially when you find out who voted for whom).

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