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Isamu Taniguchi

Back during my Saturn return of 1986, I worked with Isamu Taniguchi (b.1897-1994). Tomorrow, December 4th is his birthday. During our time together we shared a moment where he saw the essence of me. He said, "Suzanne, you know the garden." Then he removed his hat and bowed to me, all the way to the earth. At that moment I was filled with light energy coming up through my feet and sprouting out of the top of my head. It was transformational and set me on the artist path. These past few months I have had the opportunity to bow to others whom I am mentoring, and the completion of that cycle feels very satisfying.

I am in such a slowed down mode. We have our grandchildren and my beloveds oldest daughter and her husband living in our home these past four months, with three more to go. Falling completely in love with a baby is AMAZING! I am learning and playing and enjoying this time capsule.

Grandmothering, like mentoring is such a beautiful two way event. I am grateful for all the mentoring I've had from many of you! Thanks. I'm sending you gratitude.

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