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Glimpse Deeper Levels of Order and Relatedness

Hi Everyone,

Emilie Conrad came to me in a dream before Thanksgiving; we were teaching together. At the end of the dream there was so much that I wanted to remember from our workshop and so much I wanted to share with her. All that I saw was three infinity signs one above and two below and they were burning, as if to burn them in my memory. When I awakened, I didn't remember anything from the workshop we were teaching except her presence and the infinity signs. Frustrated, I let go of the dream and became lucid (after Arnold Mindell's teachings). Laying in bed and moving my body, I allowed the looping infinity shape to inform my movement. It felt very satisfying and nourishing. Shortly later I was drawn to the book by Gyorgy Doczi, "The Power Of Limits: Proportional Harmonies in Nature, Art and Architecture." He shows the patterns and harmonies in nature and our bodies. "Patterns generated by spirals moving in opposite directions are frequent in nature...they concern us as special instances of a more general pattern-forming process: the union of complimentary opposites. Sun and moon, male and female, positive and negative electricity, Yin and Yang-the union of opposites has been since ancient times an important concept in mythology and mystery religions." The illustration above, from Doczi's book is a diagram of a daisy and illustrates "Dinergy" his term for this universal pattern-forming process.

A dive came through these two influences where we played with holding the opposites as we used puffed O sound to press into the ground with our feet opening to the piezo and then allowing it to spiral on the diagonal up the leg and through the sacrum to the fingertips then back down. Where the opposites meet is an opportunity to be in the "emerging unexpected" and practice NOT WORKING ON YOURSELF. Allowing whatever wants to enter to simply BE. I thought it the perfect exploration for this time of year, as we approach the Winter Solstice.

This is a collage called, "Standing on the Threshold of Wisdom Loving Bones." Inspired by the experience of the spirals via Dinergy, that I made years ago when Susan Harper first brought the work to my awareness.

Here is an alchemical illustration of the Caduceus, may it inspire your dives and inquiry during the High Holy Days to come! A prayer (paraphrasing something David Spangler said) "Allow us to be one heart (if only for a moment), sharing the circulation of the unobstructive universe, glimpsing deeper levels of order and relatedness."

Thanks for your kind attention. Love, Peas and Homony, LillyOtter/Suzanne

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