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Daily Practice

In my Quaker Meeting we tell those in need we will "hold them in the Light." This has become an important component of my daily practice. In my "Inquiry into the Imaginal," I start with a continuum dive that engages the imaginal. Entering open attention, I "clock in" to my job in the imaginal realm. Often I will see a printer shoot out a paper with what I am being ask to address in the session. In one session, I saw a cow farting methane and since I had been painting and communicating with the micro-organisms that clean up pollution and oil spills, (see painting to the right) I made contact and engaged their cooperation. An imaginary micro-organism emerged that was alive in the cows' stomach. When it eats the methane it poots out little methane eating micro-organisms that float up to the ozone layer and reproduce and spread. I figure it can't hurt to have a conversation with these organisms. The interesting thing is later in the summer, I'm walking with a friend and she says, "I think I heard about that happening on NPR." Anyway, this is my life on many afternoons, in my part time job that I perform in the imaginal realm.

Sometimes I tend the "boat"parts of me and sometimes I tend the "sea," to quote Susan Harper. Fiercely cultivating and tending the imaginal helps me feel useful. Maybe they help?

I end these sessions with the practice of holding situations, people, our planet "IN the Light." I see the person and then support them with the Light. Its always different, recently I saw a tree of light supporting one of my friends, so that became how I tend her in the imaginal.

If you want to be "held in the Light" during my daily inquiry drop me a message, I would love to know what your grand dreams are and to play with you and explore the nature of the imaginal. Let me know if you are interested.

This is a Living Water Painting that came through. I see two Ganesh's and a humpback whale friend in a cosmic dance.

Thanks for being in my world for a little while, as my mentor Isamu Taniguchi said, "It is my wish that you have pleasant communion with the Spirit of the Garden."

LillyOtter/Suzanne Wright Crain

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