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Cultivating Cheerfulness

Greetings Friend! I heard recently that the Dali Lama said the most important quality to cultivate is cheerfulness. How interesting! For many years, my friend and mentor, Susan Harper, has modeled taking on a quality for a year at a time. So "cheerfulness" is becoming my friend this year. I'm noticing the quality of my moments improving dramatically! Is their an aspect you are taking on this year? I would love to hear about how that is going for you. I'm noticing that focusing on cheerfulness means I am smiling a lot more and doing things that are fun, like group play/water exercise. My husbands' daughter and her family are living with us, while they transition back to San Antonio, so I am getting lots of time with Evelyn (6 months) and Luke (nearly 4). "Tummy Time" on the floor with Evelyn and being with Luke in nature are some of my favorite parts of every day life.

ps. The river otters are back in the creek (on our KY farm). We saw two adults and one juvenile.

Recently, I started a three year inquiry into investigating the Imaginal. Previous inquiries were Connective Tissue resulting in art and teachings called the Tensegrity Series; after that I studied the Glial Cells and created an "Astrocyte Series." This new inquiry means that my life, energy and work are focused on this query and every group, organization, friend and colleague I know is invited to participate. Are you interested in being in dialog about the imaginal? If so, I encourage you to find a way to participate. I've been ask by one of my collaborators to offer an hour tele-conference soon, to start a larger dialog. It's called "Coming Into Resonance" the description is below. If your interested in practicing how to use your imagination to effect change in body process, and share your experiences with others, I encourage you to be on the call.

Continuum Movement & The Cosmic Body Beginning February 1, 2016 Mondays, Noon-2 Current classes By appointment Quaker Meetinghouse, 7052 N. Vandiver, San Antonio, TX 78209 RSVP

Jungle Gym Refresher August 10th, 1-4PM Austin, TX $25 E-mail Beverly Bajema for registration

Coming Into Resonance- One hour Free Teleconference. August 11, 11 Am-Noon, central time. E-mail for registration information. It will be recorded to listen to later, if you cannot be on the call. (You still need to register to have access to the recording). I will give a short demo tracking how to perspective shift and work with nature and then others on the call will track while we all listen and tune in. This kind of extreme empathy is the fuel for working with the Imaginal.

First Friday Art Walk Bluestar Art Complex Every First Friday EXCEPT SEPTEMBER (WE WILL BE UNDER CONSTRUCTION) 6 -9PM

Diving Into the Dark- Private Studio South Austin January Thursday, January 21, Noon-Monday 25th, 1PM Includes two days of silence. Contact Beverly Bajema for pricing and registration.

Private sessions available by phone or in the flesh, by appointment.

The irony in cultivating cheerfulness is doing it while witnessing the devastation our species has created on Earth. So I hold the cheerfulness moment to moment while witnessing the mass destruction we create and mourning the reality that I feel the spirit of the Earth, (Gaia whatever you call her) diminishing. I no longer feel we can "save the planet" or that that is even a reasonable request. Is humanity, as a species a failed experiment? Consciousness is eternal, so will all Beings here awaken at some point in a different kind of body somewhere else in the multi-verse, to continue our spiritual journey? Maybe that is how it has always been, who knows? I'm not giving up hope that somehow our species and many others might be rescued, but I no longer struggle with cognitive dissonance about our fate as a species. This is a huge shift for me and it takes all my courage to face it and continue witnessing what Is, without the candy coating.

I read an article on Facebook (thanks Helen Luce) recently where they were talking about finding heavy metals in organic kale, one of my favorite foods. “We now know that heavy metals are additive and synergistic,” he said. “If you get a little thallium, and a little lead, and a little cadmium in your system, you’ve got one plus one plus one equals five or six, not just three.” The reason, he said, is that metals and chemicals might each have different effects by themselves, but they “share similar sites of action where they disrupt metabolism.” Ernie Hubbard, Vegetable Detective

This makes me sad. I realize that there are no organic foods anymore, everything is polluted by we puny humans collectively. We do the best we can, under our current circumstances. An APP flew in to help, so I thought I would share my experience with it.

Last Friday- I see the foreman (one of my main APPS) holding a miniature metal detector, like you would use on the beach. He is scanning my cells one at a time. I see them, they look like frog eggs in this image and I also see the particle of metal that he has found. From his belt he removes what looks like a hypodermic needle but a very small one and sucks the metal bit into it. Here's the interesting bit, instead of tossing it in the dumpster like we normally do with contaminants, (when it is full) we/he put it in a wound in the Earth. This all happened in a fraction of a second. As the Foreman was doing this work, I had a cleansing reaction and was completely out of it for most of that day. It started with nausea, and a headache at my temples, then diarrhea followed by sleeping all day and finally toward evening, I ask the Foreman if there were some places in my body that needed heavy metals and we both saw examples of that, so I amended the instructions and he went back to work, with an extra setting on the metal detector that read "Helpful." The foreman Grokked the situation completely and while he worked through the rest of the detox, I began to feel completely well, my energy restored.

It is such a drag to receive newsletters, even quarterly ones, if you don't want them. Please let me know immediately and without hesitation if you no longer want to receive mine. Thanks! Suzanne

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