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50% Off Sale Just in time for...

Later, when I pulled this cloth from the dye bath and opened it, all I could do was dance and move. It's saying "clear out your studio and make room for what is coming!" I don't know what that will be, but I'm starting an original art sale tomorrow and continuing every First Thursday 6-9 PM until I have no inventory left. Paintings, art cloth everything needs to find a home. (Also, I want to "Womanifest" an agent/gallery to represent me so that I can focus on the work, so if you know of anyone that would be a good match for my work, please let me know). Then I'm going to move out the furniture and create a clear space to move and work. Who knows, maybe I will become a performance artist, with the Living Water Art holding the space.

First Thursday Art Sale! 6-9 PM November 3 & December 1st, 2016 Blue Star Arts Complex 1420 S. Alamo Upstairs Studios (210) 496-5692

Bug Shaman - Open for Business

Recently I discovered a latent talent to communicate and make treaties with insects. The collective hive mind is quiet interesting to me and they get little respect. We cooperate through mutual respect and caring. If you have need of my ambassadorial services with the insect kingdom, we can experiment and I can work long distance. Stranger things are happening.

Make a great life for yourself, filled with love and magic.

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