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About Healing Art

Healing Art

Living from a holistic place takes creativity, especially in a society who’s corporations value drugs and surgery as a health strategy. As a healing artist, I hold a container for other modalities and resources to be brought on-line where the menu of options is expanded and the client has so much more to choose from. My methods vary depending on what is best for the client. Modeling how to witness and listen to the body, and valuing the role of play in our lives is great territory for developing these holistic resources. We are in dire need of a fierce imagination that works in collaboration with our needs.


Life Transitions

Taking time out to witness and reflect change is vital to acceptance, clarity, integration and healing. We create a safe place for exploring and finding meaning in these times.


Rights of Passage

Marking important events can be stressful. Often what is needed is some art-play-movement time to get to the essence of how to plan an event or to allow that art-play-movement time to BE the event. I open to you “The Creativity Spa,” where you land in a prepared environment (not unlike kindergarten centers) and you are encouraged to explore. As we create and play a theme emerges that guides our time together. I also offer phone consulting for rites of passage for all ages as well as facilitation, if ask.



Individualized ceremony created based on what Spirit requires. Only you know what has meaning for you, but sometimes you don’t know until after that need is met. Most of us on a spiritual path have a deep need for initiation, at different times in our life.


Living Meditations

That is what this class offers, a way in to find cooperation with your organism and the world imagination. We call this working with "organic technology". It is an alternative system, is self referential and builds the neurology for you to have a cooperative relationship with your physiology. Solar flares and I might feel crazy today... there are aller­gens... feeling where you fit into this. Knowing every time I take a shit; or a pee or sweat that's part of the circulation of the fluids circulating in nature. Seeing the larger picture is a way of belonging, re solar flares and I might feel crazy


Monthly Artwalk

Suzanne Wright Crain Studios, LLC is open for most First Friday Art Walks from 6-9 PM. Call and make an appointment for other viewing times.


Playdays and Play Workshops

Playdays are organized informally for individuals or small groups. The client walks into a prepared environment where I facilitate play in a layered experience from somatic movement; to hooking up Dream Technology; to creating visual expression; to moving outside. We find and create meaning and ceremony along the way. The client leaves with several Living Water paintings and Individual Art Cloth creating can be part of this process for an additional fee.


Workshops - I have a variety of workshops which include: Hooking Up and Using Indigenous Technology; Tending the Shadows in the Heart; [Michelle, if you still have access to my old site can you look at it and add the topics? From the continuum home page]. My base fee for workshops is $800 a day plus expenses. I do not charge for travel days. The sponsor guarantees a minimum of 8 participants and is responsible for promoting and filling the workshop and all logistical support. I have a one-page contract that is fair to both parties. The sponsor does not pay a fee for attending the workshop.


Private Commissions

Sometimes clients bring me Living Water from a sacred source where they have had an experience, I they commission me to make art with it. Whether it is a small Living Water painting or a large Art Cloth, the work is specific for the individual and we collaborate on the specifics like Art Cloth vs. Painting; fabric and materials, and colors. What results is a work of art that has DreamTech imbedded that supports the client’s process. With art cloth these are easily transported and can be pieces that travel, and support the client in their amazing life and work. Commissions vary depending on the amount of time and layers we create. I also carry water from sacred sites and can provide the water if the client prefers to work that way. Placing their name or an attribute on the vessel while the piece is in the dye bath greatly influences the work (check out the scientific work of Dr. Emoto if you are unfamiliar with the qualities of water).


For example this commission took around 35 hours and I charged it out at $1200. The client put a deposit down of $ 400 and we were in contact during the creative process.



More and more folks are asking for Shrouds that they commission ahead of time and use throughout their life and then want to be wrapped in them for burial or cremation. They are typically 5 yards of silk and have personal symbols and color choices. They do not have to be 5 yards; they could be fingertip shrouds and then be draped over the body instead of wrapped.

Advance notice appreciated for the 1-week turn around, (if I am out of town this is difficult and sometimes impossible).


“Green Burial Shrouds”. Pre-dyed themed shrouds ready to ship: Themes include:


Love’s Release




A Heart Opening


Be Free My Love


Keep My Love Close to Your Heart, Always


Glad your Dead, You Bastard


These pieces are 5 years of silk, pre-dyed from Living Water with the theme placed on the vessel, with natural Black Walnut Hulls from my KY farm; these pieces are ready to ship. They are “Green” because no man made chemicals were used in their creation.

$899- $1200

$600 plus tax (if applicable) and shipping

$899- $1200

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