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Life Transitions with Living Water

• Rites of Passage

• Life Transitions

• Marking Change

• Moving

• Divorce

• Marriage

• Puberty Rites

• Rites of passage for any age

• Menopause

Living Water is

water from a living Source

such as a Spring, a Stream, a

River, and Ocean, Rain...

we use it in many ways...

Ceremonial Living Water Artcloths


I help people decide what it is they need and create it with them together. I use my intuition people need a container I help them have a vision quest and have a dream for themselves holding a clear space to know what they.



I live my life where duality of life is a sacred modeling how to be in the world and honoring everything that comes in there is any honoring of every aspect of her day. To be conscious to do things she doesn’t want to do how to we do things we don’t want to do.



Teaches how to honor the sacred in our daily life.



Many times you will leave with a painting that represents where you are you make it yourself with the living water I will take you through that process.

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