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Defined Using the World Imagination

"I agree to use any tool; idea; medicine; animal; plant; person; energy; invention; object; device; or technology from any culture (past, present or future) which are offered to me, in my organism, imaginally, for the benefit of myself and all Beings.""   I Agree:   Read More


Visual to Kinesthetic Hook-Up Exercise #1

Having completed the Terms & Conditions, you are ready to move on to the exercises designed to allow you to develop a collaborative relationship with the Imaginal.

This first exercise hooks up the visual to the kinesthetic parts of the brain. You will need a marker or pen and a large piece of paper. Create a quiet place to work, making a nest for yourself on the floor in your movement space or wherever you usually move. Make it as quiet as possible and get rid of any distractions. Give yourself at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted time. If this is simply not an option do the best you can.

Read through the instructions first and then do them, or work in pairs and have someone read them slowly to you. Or Listen to this audio file: 


1) Sit comfortably, with the paper before you. Hold the marker gently in your non-dominate hand. Look at the tip of the marker and begin making marks on the paper, without lifting the marker. Remember all the ways water moves and allow your body to soften as you feel the movement up into the hand and wrist. Allow your whole arm to move as you are making your marks. Keep drawing, tracking with your eyes as you make the marks and feel them in your body. Do this for between two and three minutes. After you feel good and hooked up, drop the marker and stand up.


2) From standing (you can do this sitting if you have to) look at your lines and begin to allow your eyes to track them back through the shapes and follow it with your body, moving your body in the shape of the line you drew. You can pick a place to move from such as your tailbone. Then pick a different place to track the line from like your heart or sternum.


3) If you are doing this in a group look away from your paper and take in visually someone else’s lines and see what it is like to move with their lines.


4) Now work the piece backwards from movement to drawing by siting with your paper (flip it over) and allow your body to move the way water moves in micro-movements and let those movements flow down your non-dominate hand that is holding the marker and begin to draw the shapes of your movement. Play with this for 2-3 minutes until you feel complete.

You have now hooked up the visual senses to the kinesthetic, giving you access to communicate through image to your own imagination. When you close your eyes can you see the screen of your awareness

Once you have done the first Hook-Up Exercise you are ready to take this into your next movement exploration by establishing the kinesthetic cue of your desire to collaborate with the Imaginal.

How to Cue the Imaginal and begin a conversation with DreamTechnology

We need to establish a signal to your conscious imagination that you are ready to collaborate and are listening. Here is one suggestion, you may adopt it as written or create a different cue for yourself, just be consistent.


1) Place your thumbs in your naval to establish a kinesthetic cue that you will use when you want to begin a dialog with the Imaginal.


2) Rest in a comfortable position where you can allow gravity to hold you. We call this “Open Attention” in Continuum Movement.


3) If you have a particular reason for doing this work you may form your inquiry…I need help with X, who would be willing to work with me? A specific inquiry is not necessary; you can go in for general connection.


4) When you have settled and are in the fertile waiting of open attention, cue your tech by placing your thumbs in your naval (or whatever your cue is) and invite the connection in and then simply wait. If you have a specific inquiry you think the words and then let it all go. Meet yourself with loving kindness, interested curiosity, and positive regard.


5) Do Nothing.


6) Allow your mind to rest in the fertile waiting. Focus on your breathing and 1st order experience.


7) Take a look in the margins, edges and gutters waiting for a whisper of an image, for a fraction of a second.


8) Notice what is there and when it appears, whatever it is, say hello, meet it and begin the dialog. Don’t judge what shows up.


9) Do not force the connection or try and think up cool images, something will show itself that you did not create in your head. It will be a surprise.


10) The dialog may be quick and clear or not; regardless, once something happens reach over and with your non-dominate hand & make a mark on your paper that symbolizes what showed up and label it #1; #2; #3.., It can be a stick figure, it doesn’t matter, just do your best to symbolize what you saw.


11) Spend no more than a few minutes on this part of the exercise.

If you have a movement practice, layer this piece in by remembering it as a resource when you are in need. Each time you want to connect and be in dialog with the Imaginal you can cue it by placing your thumbs in your naval to start the conversation. Once you start having experiences, the validity of this self-referential collaboration become evident.

Ask for such help to arrive. Whatever appears is a helper and you simply acknowledge its existence by saying hello and beginning a dialog. Shake hands imaginally.

When you are finished with your first session, look at your paper and notice what showed up. Can you find meaning in it? When I started this work my number 1 was the Red Koi, which was the fish that I made contact with by saying, “Hey fish, why don’t you come up here and eat this stuff out of my lungs?” It transformed into a manta ray and swam through my lungs feeding; when I got up I was completely well. The entire experience from the moment I saw the fish in my internal landscape to the manta disappearing after its swim through my body took at the most 2 seconds.

What showed up for you are called DreamTech. For the next 30 days track what happens in your open attention. Remember to bring in your imagination as resource anytime you need support. Build awareness of opportunities to use your DreamTech. For example: If you are in close proximity with someone who is obviously ill, practice using your DreamTech to handle the situation. [For me that would look like asking my Foreman (he talks to my immune system) or my Nose hair turbinate scrubbers or my Auric Force Field to come in and take the edge off the situation.

I’ve taken your through the most basic version of creating a collaborative relationship with the Imaginal and got you started working with your Imaginative Consciousness. If you need more resources, I teach this through tele-conferences, private sessions and downloads. If you are having problems or simply want to report in, check out the additional resources on my website or visit my blog.

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